Thank You Kids

Chris Christopher
MDI Contributor

At first this started as a piece of gratitude for Colin – a “thank you son” – but I realize I can not talk about one without the other so here you go. 

For the past 26 years I have traveled on a journey as a father of a son Colin, and for 25 of those years as father of a daughter as well.  I am blessed with two remarkable children. They both worked hard to become educated, they both have responsible jobs. They consistently reach out to their parents and they come home to visit. 

My son lives nearby and we see each other pretty consistently.  Not long ago he joined my men’s team and in October he successfully completed the men’s weekend.  I have the luxury of being a father and having a great friend. 

I have high hopes for both of my children.  I have hopes for grandchildren. I am confident that in the not so distant future they are both up to that part of their journey. 

A wise man once promised me that children bring joy into a man’s life.  He was right! 

God bless them both. 

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