Scott Williams, Honorable Mention

Scott Williams is an MDI man with a unique set of skills, abilities and experience. Outside of MDI Williams has had a successful career in the corporate world while raising a family and maintaining a great relationship with his wife. He has also served on several Boards of Directors of large organizations in Canada. Bringing that background with him when he arrived in MDI, he quickly found his way into leadership. Recently, he served as the Chief of Staff in the Western Front division, before rising to the DC position. During his tenure Western Front grew to record numbers of men, and he was a key factor in regional initiatives. He then turned to our Board, bringing his experience and perspective, which led to his election as Vice Chairman of the Board. Williams also mentors other leaders, passing on the knowledge and experience he has gained. In two years, he will be in line as the next Chairman of the Board. Tony Fisher, who nominated Williams for Man of the Year, noted: “He walks his talk.”

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