Ben Schlosser, Honorable Mention

Ben Schlosser has lead ATLAS – MDI’s online-only circle – to success, elevating it from Tribe status into full Division status. This was accomplished for the first time in the seven years ATLAS has been in existence. He has grown the population by approximately 30 percent, and has become a model leader to the men on his core team. Hear the ways in which he has inspired those men.

What is amazing about Schlosser is not that he was perfect at the job. It’s that he became the example of what being human is. To struggle through hardship, fail, learn, and come at it again. In an organization based on improving yourself and your community, the man was perfect. He lived and breathed self-development. That is what gave me confidence in him. That is the reason I chose to continue to follow him even during the times he was struggling. He got back up and never stopped. What a fucking man.

Open minded. Respectful of his men. Open to hearing the opinions of others. Has a renewed fire for this work. Has made big changes in his life in order to be a lot more successful. He is learning how and when to delegate. Has earned men’s trust by never making men wrong or feeling unheard. Cares greatly about the wellbeing of his men. Is not afraid to bring his difficult life problems to the men and ask for helpI Personally feel grateful to call him my leader. 

De Francisco
Schlosser brings great context and clarity to every situation. He gives and receives support very well. He is a “No Quit Mother F*cker” and is failing forward.

Schlosser holds a context that is bigger than his division. He has fully supported a project that involves his time and effort but ultimately leads to men leaving his division to start another. True to the “world sucks” chart, he sees beyond his immediate surroundings.

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