Regional Coordinator Canadian Region Mischa Levine


The Regional Coordinator is Mischa Levine, Abnaki DC, who is temporarily standing in for Tony Fisher, who is on his honeymoon.

Question: How is it going in your region?


* Going well

* We have four divisions each with own strengths and challenges.

* I just stepped in 10 days ago, so I’m much more familiar with the men of  Abnaki.

* There are currently 65 men in our region. 

* Atlas – our Virtual Division – has grown a lot lately, but the other divisions have expanded as well.

Q: What are you currently focused on?


* Getting up to speed with what’s happening throughout the Region … although most of the men with whom I’m working I know because I’ve been on regular calls with them as a Division Coordinator.

* Developing relationships with men on a regional level.

* I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed being temporary Regional Coordinator.

Q: What are the challenges you face?


* Getting up to speed.

* First regional call on September 22.

* Fisher was supposed to complete right when he got married, so we need to get a new RC right away when he comes back.

* Focus on delivering value in short-term rather than being able to implement long-term ideas, so I’m trying to just focus on how I can support the men “in the moment.”


Levine finished the Interview by saying, “I want to acknowledge all the great men in my region!”

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