“My Father Myself” Video Series Explores Freedom

Richard Rutherford
Guest Writer

The conversations we have about our fathers within mens’ circles is a vital part of exploring who we are as men. The life lessons and undeniable permanent connection to our past gives many of us a powerful freedom to either “break the cycle” or enhance it. There is a freedom to move forward with our lives when we have the opportunity to review the past with clarity.

In Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI), we do this work regularly, my experience is that most other men and women do not even have this on their radar. It is clearly evident that without an introduction to this valuable piece of introspective work, there are many who wander around their life and never learn to either connect to their future or let go of their past.

The site www.MyFatherMyself.com is an opportunity to invite everyone to sample the work we do. Our concept is to reach out to renegade teams, church mens’ groups, our friends and families and to invite them to take one step closer to discovering their world through the understanding of masculine relationship and it’s important place in human community.

We have several other interview shoots planned for the near future, both in and out of our MDI circles. My personal goal is 1000 interviews.

This is going to be a worthwhile endeavor. Check out the site, and join us on the journey.


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