MDI Updates – November 1, 2017

Tony Fisher

“We are one MDI.”

Spanning two countries in six regions, MDI holds a mission statement that includes the success of all families, careers and communities.

To that end, this section will help connect all of MDI with updates and news that will serve MDI members, as well inform any guests visiting this page.

Updates for November 1, 2017

  • The MDI regions number six, now that Eastern and Western Canada have merged to become a unified Canada Region.
  1. Southwest
  2. Western
  3. Canada
  4. Mid-Atlantic
  5. New England
  6. Southeast (Atlanta)
  • New President – Geoff Tomlinson, of the Canadian region, is the new MDI President. He takes over for Stan Snow, of New England, who served as President since October 2014. Tomlinson, who was the Chief of Staff under Snow for two years, says of his new position, “It’s an honour and extremely humbling to have been selected by the Board of Directors to lead the operations of MDI. The BOD has tasked me with a truly exciting direction, which I plan to fully pursue. You will hear more about this – or more accurately see more from the BOD and from myself – in the coming weeks.”
  • Men and Masculinity Summit – The new president, Geoff Tomlinson, will speak at this special event. Details HERE.
  • Other New MDI Leadership Positions
    • Brian Childers, of the Southeast Region, is the incoming VP of Training, as Ben Estes of the Western Region completes January 1, 2018.
    • Ian Kennard, of the Canadian Region, is the incoming International Chief of Staff, starting January 1, 2018.
    • John Kimura is the new Regional Coordinator of the Western Region.
    • Steve Crossley is the new Regional Coordinator of the Southeast Region.
    • Steve Marchione is the new Regional Coordinator of the Canadian Region.
    • Frank DeCarlo is incoming RC of the Mid-Atlantic Region.
    • The new Board representative in the Canadian Region is Wayne Powell.
    • Tony Fisher, of the Canadian Region, is the new International S1 replacing Gary Wendell, of New England.
  • Outreach – (Enrollment, Organizational Growth)A main focus of the outreach program is the Outreach Training. The intention of these trainings is to imbue in the culture of our organization and give our men a new context for, and a new access to, enrollment. There has been a “culture change” in the regions that have produced the training, with some of the men creating been a real shift in how they interact with the men in their lives. For more on the Outreach program, contact your Divisional or Regional Outreach leader.
  • Special Ops – (Establishing teams outside of our regions)By years end, team meetings will be taking place for teams in Fresno, CA and Warrenton, VA.
  • MDI Finance Report – There is an offer for new members to have their dues waived if joining before the end of the year. Dues renewals for 2018 are available now on the MDI website.
  • The MDI Connect website has a Job Board that can be used for any type of job (volunteer or paid). See MentorDiscoverInspire.org.

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