What Do We Stand For?

Jim Ellis

A number of men stand in a circle.

Week after week.

Every week.

These circles can be found in a number of locations: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Boston, New Jersey, Toronto, Calgary, San Diego, Oakland…

And in each circle the men stand, every week.

And yet what are they standing for? Symbolically speaking.

Why do they do it?

With such strong commitments to make a weekly men’s team meeting possible, valuable and worthwhile, there must be a strong undercurrent of purpose.

For each man it will be different, the reason for their stand.

For me …

  • I stand for honor – the integrity that sustains the power in a man’s word.
  • I stand for success – the value I bring and the compensation I receive, in order to share in generosity with my family.
  • I stand for a higher purpose – the inclusion of all humanity in all our success.
  • I stand for confidentiality – the safe circle where men can get support when revealing the depth of what’s really going on his life.
  • I stand for my wife – To care for her and cherish her at my best.
  • I stand for my mom – To create a community and society that is safe for women, one that I believe would have made her life happier.
  • I stand for my dad – to do him and his legacy proud.
  • I stand for all fathers – those loving men who deserve fairness in the family law system.
  • I stand for men’s masculinity – the aspect of man that has been bashed through a world that often paints men as weak, violent, stupid and disposable.
  • I stand for MDI – an organization that puts the collective men at the top of the organization chart with the servant leaders leading from the back.

As editor of the The Legacy Magazine, I will continue to create an open space where the wisdom of the men can be shared with a global community, so that everything we all stand for can be upheld, protected and honored. Please participate in the way that best suits you: reading, sharing, liking, contributing.

Come take your own stand.

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