MDI President Makes Massive Trade of MDI Men

In a completely odd and unprecedented move, MDI President Stan Snow has traded a number of MDI men to the New England Patriots for an undisclosed amount of lobster dinners plus backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

The reason for the trade wasn’t made exactly clear by team officials, but unofficial sources believe the NFL team needed a boost in branding, and the addition of honorable men of integrity and legacy would help uplift public perception. Sources also noted that some of the extra men could be used to help spy on other NFL teams, support in the accurate inflation levels of the footballs and also help in clearing the snow away for Patriot field goals in inclement weather.

Not believing that for a second since he’s a homer Patriot fan, the MDI President said, “I wanted all the men to know what it was like to be part of a winning Super Bowl team.” He also noted since most MDI men’s teams meet on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, those men could still visit on teams during the week.

Snow also believed Garoppolo could be a good mentoring addition to the MDI culture given his supportive role with the Patriots. “Plus with Brady in, do the Pats really need him?”

Patriot coach Bill Belichick did make a comment about the trade but it was so mumbled, we don’t know what he said.

This story brought to you via a tongue in cheek and to honor all the April Fools. Of course.

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