Making a Difference to the Young Men and Women of Tomorrow by Making a Difference Today

By Mark Gofstein, Director of the MDI Cause 

We have so much manpower to create amazing impact on the world, to help be the solution in ending abuse in our world. And they may not even know it. 

At the August MDI Leadership meeting the leaders did an exercise that revealed how we are making an impact on our men in MDI, their families and their communities. I know this is true because I have seen the difference in my two young sons who have been exposed to many of the MDI men across North America. They are part of my mentoring army and can guide my sons when I am busy or when I reach out to new men. I have seen men step up for a man trying to foster parent three children from three different families after his wife passed away and get great support to accomplish the feat.

One major way men in our circle are already making a difference in reducing the abuse quotient is by volunteered their time this summer to mentor our youth on Young Men’s Initiation weekends. (See the list of Young Men Weekend events below).

My focus as Director of the MDI Cause in ending abuse is to call men to order to look where they can make a difference, whether with events in MDI or those in other men’s organizations that cause men and women to think twice about acting badly and being hurtful (i.e. emotionally or physically).  By volunteering for these events, we are directly impacting males. By creating an event that positively impacts others, our organization is making a dent. 

Through volunteering their men to take on a project that furthers the MDI cause and mission, we are helping men, women and children to breathe easier.  Creating great men who make a difference makes the world better, and we love to be in action. The MDI core team is looking to document all the amazing things we have done just this year to cause life in our communities to be more positive and less threatening. 

As we document and share the great activities of the men, as men’s teams continue to give men a space to be honorable, accountable and fully taken care of, and as we create a space for the young men to take their own path of honor and greatness, one solution to reducing abuse in our world is seen right here where we stand.

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