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By David Plante, International Growth Manager

Scientists uncover answer to 10-year-old question in San Diego 

Anyone ever ask you “What is MDI?”  “What does MDI do?”  “Why does MDI exist?”  

Your Regional Coordinators and Division Coordinators recently went to an international meeting where this came up.  And there was an answer.  Men were asked to put it to the litmus test and it passed. 

Swearing and cigar smoking good for Men’s Health

It was recently discovered that swearing and cigar smoking has proven beneficial to men’s health. In a room full of these men, they demanded a repository for tips, tools, techniques, and exercises for our most important resource in MDI, our captains, to have access to.  It exists, and you can talk to your Regional Membership Manager to get access. Here is an excerpt:  

Go with the Flow

  • Your results may not be achieved in the order and fashion you expect. That’s OK, just let it happen.
  • Sometimes the meeting just doesn’t go the way you expect. Maybe a man is sick and you road trip to his house. Maybe a man needs help and you spend the meeting giving him what he needs. Maybe half the team doesn’t show up. Shit happens. Don’t be attached to your plans, your intended results. Sometimes you just need to burn them and move on.
  • Unanswered questions in your life?  Now you can get the correct answers that will solve your problems from a committee of men committed to your success! A panel of men are only in town for 30 days, so get your questions in before they leave!  You can reach them at gettinganswerstoyourquestions@gmail.com. Depending on who is passing through, your panel has, but is not limited to:
    • Darth Vader
    • Peter Griffith
    • Paul Lynde
    • Johnny Carson
    • And many more 
  • Take advantage of having a problem free month!  

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