Love Knows

Joseph Ranseth
MDI Contributor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Joseph Ranseth from the Atlas division has published his book of poetry, called “Let’s Stay Here,” dedicated to his future wife. Here is a poem about appreciation found in an uncommon place.

Love is willing to walk a hard path,
not shy away from it.

For love knows there is
nothing to fear—

nothing real can ever be threatened.

Only our illusions ever perceive attack.

Love knows that pain only hurts
if you don’t see the purpose,

that discomfort is simply our
lies clashing with the truth,

and that on the other side
of every difficult thing
we experience

is the seed of something so beautiful and profound

that if we could only see it now,
we’d embrace the pain with gratitude

and laugh at the thought
that we ever tried to hide.

Love Knows

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