Goofballs, Tricksters, Jokers and Jerks

James Anthony Ellis
Legacy Magazine

Editor’s Note: A prose of gratitude and love for the men and their silly side, from yours truly.

So what am I thankful for today, you ask
Could it be that, as men, we can act like an ass?
To be so outrageous with each other at times 
As we release the mindfuck … to be out of our minds
To be free as men without barriers and blocks
Living without limits, climbing out of the box
There is so much to be serious and over-serious about
When all I want to do is push, scream and shout
Amidst the foul smells and cigar smoke
When all there is to do is to share a dad joke
We can have our idiosyncrasies, craziness and quirks
I’m thankful for Goofballs, Tricksters, Jokers and Jerks

The laughing is contagious, around women not so funny
Harking back to a time before stress, jobs and money
In a primal existence, there is a primordial place
When the male cracks up when someone falls on his face
Where the joy arises in the silliness of games
When there are no hurt feelings when you’re called hurtful names
After success and competition, it’s fun that comes first
Thank goodness for Goofballs, Tricksters, Jokers and Jerks 

Yes, we’ll have our careers, our purpose, our family time
And we’ll draw necessary boundaries so we know yours from mine
And we’ll push hard to protect our community tribe
But we’ll still hold a dimension which keeps us alive
So what am I thankful for today, once again?
It’s an outrageous, hilarious identity embraced only by men
In the end, we know what feeds us, what really works
Goofballs, Tricksters, Jokers and Jerks 

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