Introducing the MDI 2018 Legacy Magazine Man of the Year

We celebrate mature masculinity
We live by a code
We strive for self-awareness through raw truth, straightforward mentoring and unwavering support
We practice deep, non-judgmental compassion
We foster profound, masculine love
We value a life of fellowship
We create transformation through accountability
We embrace and honor the power of legacy

These are the Core Values of men who comprise an organization called MDI. Mentor Discover Inspire. 

We also celebrate the men who represent these values as our leaders. Here is the list of men who were nominated by you, the members of MDI. Let us recognize and honor these men – for they represent our best.

  • Abe Moore
  • Arlan Pfohl
  • Bob Irwin
  • Denis Moreau
  • Eric Mortimer
  • Frank DeCarlo
  • Howard Spierer
  • Jim Ellis
  • Craig Jones
  • Keith Doucett
  • Michael Danklefs
  • Patrick Allard
  • Robert Miller
  • Eric Salmons

The MDI Man of the Year is a man who lives and acts upon the Mission of MDI, which is no simple task. Also, the criteria was clarified:.

The Legacy Magazine MDI Man of the Year is the man who has truly exemplified the spirit of MDI’s core values and principles, showing up as an example for successful families, careers, and communities, while helping put MDI on the map for its highest impact.

We are honored to announce on behalf of Legacy Magazine and Mentor Discover Inspire the 2018 MDI Man of the Year.

Eric Mortimer
DC of Head Smashed In Division of Western Canada.

If playing by the numbers, here are some stats: when Mortimer became DC of HSI in April 2017 there were 27 men. Today there are 89 men. This year, Mortimer created a new way of doing “The Man Event” that brought in 20 men in one day. Of import to the criteria of the Legacy Man of the Year, he drew in a number of media appearances, which would broadcast out the MDI mission to the masses. (See links at the end of this article.)

Said MDI President, Geoff Tomlinson: “Eric Mortimer is simply one of the best leaders I have ever met.  He is clear, he cares deeply about his men and the Vision and Mission of MDI, and he wants the world to know about it. His purpose level is well above his division. Mortimer wants to change the world and I believe he will do it.  It is an honour to work with him and to be his friend. He might not be just the MDI Man of the Year, but perhaps the MDI man of the Decade, or even man of the century.”

From the man Mortimer himself:

“Head Smashed In (HSI)  had massive support and guidance from our Canadian Region and International Leaders in 2018. It has become very apparent to our men that there are benefits to being part of something bigger than Calgary or Alberta. I believe the biggest accomplishment this year was coming together and living our vision fully. The rest is just side effects of doing that and the required actions.”

Head Smashed In Vision
We are all in the same boat powerfully moving forward with clarity courage and commitment in the river of men’s work. All of our paddles are digging deep and pulling to the beat of the same drum.


At the Legacy Magazine, we enjoy the journey as we expand, co-create value, and foster success for ourselves, our families, our communities and the world.



The Star News Article – Click HERE

17 thoughts on “Introducing the MDI 2018 Legacy Magazine Man of the Year”

  1. Congrats Mr. Mortimer. Your creative energy is an inspiration for all men who are passionate about and want to contribute to Mentor Discover Inspire’s vision and mission.

  2. Davud MacElwain.

    Congested Eric. You have been a great pick by the men of HSI as our Leader. Thank you for showing us that over and over again.

  3. Congrats Mortimer. You have amply demonstrated the strength and the impact of men pulling together to support each other and achieve success in their community

  4. Congratulation, Mr. Mortimer. You have earned this honor through your commitment to our mission, Thank you for your passion and for being willing to bring your extraordinary leadership to Mentor Discover Inspire.

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