Honorable Mention Toby Fisher

I nominate Toby Fisher as the man of the year. He is admirable, lives the core values, and is a great representative of MDI. I draw inspiration from him and live to be more like him. 

I want to elaborate further.

Fisher is an admirable man. His level of self-awareness is both distinguished and contagious. He is a man of integrity, and cares an enormous amount towards humanity.

Some of his goals that he has set for himself are so inspiring that it fuels our team to new levels. He raises issues that exist systematically, and tries to bring creative and thoughtful solutions that help resolve the problems fundamentally at its root.

Fisher listens to understand and makes you feel heard.  

He gives back to the community and genuinely cares about people’s well-being. He does all of this through his integrity, grit, relentless empathy and mental acuity. It would be my honor to vote him the man of the year.

Erfan Ahmadi

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