Honorable Mention Brent Nacu

Since I enrolled Brent Nacu as Regional Legacy Discovery Manager last year, he has overseen six Legacy Discovery events with excellence.

Legacy Discovery is alive and doing quite well in the Continental Region primarily due to Nacu’s efforts. We even lent him to the ATL Region along with three trainers to support their recent LD.

He is playing a big role in the 100-man Legacy Discovery Event being planned for next April and only then will he finally complete in the role. That will make seven Legacy Discovery Events in two years.

He has a strong ego but does the incredible amount of work that he does with the selfless context of helping to change men’s lives in a direct and positive way. I would call that nothing less than living MDI’s mission.

Tony Fisher

4 thoughts on “Honorable Mention Brent Nacu”

  1. Nacu comes off tough, and that is out of a heartfelt commitment to excellence and to men who go through Legacy Discovery. I respect a man who is tough for our/my growth and am grateful for his commitment. Nacu, possibly more than any other single man, has raised the LD standard and quality for all. Very grateful Fisher ( the other one Toby).

  2. Farb passed the torch to Nacu a few years ago and Brent has taken his passion, intelligence and rigour to everyone in the Legacy Discovery circle. He has eyes in the back of his head and is relentless when something is off. I am a better man being in his space and so is the Legacy Discovery experience.

  3. I met Nacu years ago when I visited the L.D. in Toronto.
    He, and the event are high water marks in my experiences
    in doing this good work.

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