From The Men – “What or Who Was Your First True Love?”

As always, it’s good to hear from the men on the topic at hand. On any topic, it’s good to go to the collective wisdom of the men and see what is to be shared and revealed. This month we hear from the men posting on social media, in answer to this question: “What or who was your first true love?”

Justin LaBarge – Her name was Joy, and I was in kindergarten. I used to say “I jump for Joy” and she would smile. Looking back, I can’t tell if she liked me or just someone jumping. Not only my first love, but my first pun.

Jmarshall Stein – Julie Meyers in 9th grade. I would like to say we had a lot in common, but it was because she had a great ass!

Bob Walker – Marilyn Stroh … I was 19 years old …

Fred Rai – Karen Marie Mateus – I wish her the life I had envisioned and much more. I am grateful to her for loving me as she did.

James Smith – My dog Bojangles. Black lab/border collie mix. She saved my life when I was 3. I was choking in the backyard and she kept going to my mom until my mom came outside. She was badass and very protective. This old hag lady we moved next to poisoned her when I was 11. I found her dead in the backyard. She had eaten a package of hotdogs the old bitch threw over the fence that were poisonous.

Tom McCarter – Sandra Stevenson- but it only lasted 3 months and then she found another guy.

Jim Ellis – Terry Shannon in the 2nd grade. I even had the courage to walk up to her door after a bunch of us boys were spotted by her as she peered out her window, smiling. Since I was already found out, I thought what the heck! I walked up, knocked on the door. She opened it and said “Yes?” I can still see that cute, shy smile. I said, “Hi.” And then immediately turned and ran away. I felt so proud of myself.

Brian McGrath – I was in first grade. I met her on the playground. After a couple days I asked her to come over to my house, she agreed. When we got there we played for awhile, then went into some bushes and made out. I don’t remember her name.

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