The Wives of MDI – Mrs. Jennifer Ellis

I guess you can’t go wrong married to someone who is part of an organization whose mission is: “To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and, as mature masculine leaders, create successful families, careers and communities.”

Who wouldn’t want all that?

Depending on the man of course. I know there are some who live that along with the MDI vision and core values daily and those who do not, even if they are a part of the organization. I am blessed that my husband Jim is hard core on all those things. He may have even helped write all that.

I was asked if I can tell the difference in men who belong to a circle of men or not.

I think back when Jim and I were dating and first married. Yes I could tell the difference. I think the world in general is in a weird place right now, and I don’t see that difference as clearly in recent years. In past years though definitely. A big source of community, care, being there for each other’s lives.

Two of my favorite demonstrations what MDI men are all about:

  1. When Jim had a 90-year-old man on his team who was permanently in a physical rehabilitation center, that team every single week met at that facility so that man could be a part of the team. And when there was a division meeting they made sure this gentleman was transported in the most comfortable way there, fully taken care of.  
  2. Also when my father came out to visit a couple years ago, Jim’s team welcomed him as a guest at their meeting that week, and my father had an absolute blast – said it was a highlight of his trip.

How many men commit to a mission such as MDI’s? I can’t think of many other avenues for that type of higher living. In a world where many times we shake our heads in utter disgust over how people act, why not look toward men who have devoted their time in bettering themselves and supporting others in their growth?

Just think if every man lived the core values of MDI…

A more mature world. Family thriving. Successful fulfilling careers. Communities of care.