Freedom Is …

Jeff Kidman

Legacy Discovery Shaman Jeff Kidman brings to you exercises you can undertake anywhere, at a time that works for you. For the man on a men’s team, in a men’s group or out there on his own. The intention of these exercises is to bring you into greater connection to something bigger, so that you can broaden your context, reach your highest potential and ultimately be more successful in the endeavors that matter to you and those you influence.


Freedom is surrendering to commitment.
Freedom is surrender in it’s many forms.
Freedom is allowing your calling and purpose to guide your actions.
Freedom is allowing yourself to know rather than to decide and debate.
Freedom is feeling that you are being drawn towards something rather than struggling to keep up.
Freedom is like rolling down a hill.
Freedom is like floating down a gentle river.
Freedom is the peace that passes understanding.
Freedom is recognizing grace rather than engineering the next move.

Most recently I have found more freedom in not knowing. For me this has been a practice in noticing when I am trying to figure something out. To notice when I am trying to understand the history and the reason why something feels that way or why someone did something. Letting go of the struggle to understand has been freeing for me because it has led to patience with myself. Patience to not understand. Patience has allowed the space for deeper personal understanding than I ever could have figured out with sheer mental force and lots of thinking.

Hard thinking.

Thinking has given me lots of gifts and I use my big brain at work all day long. So it’s not to be thrown out. However in the search for personal freedom, thinking and understanding is not always the straight path.

I’m also not suggesting that we all take a deep dive into meditation and we’ll suddenly see the true path. Surrender is a practice and one that deepens with use. I have often rebelled in my own practice because I want to know why it works. I want to discover the formula for recreating the circumstances that led to my last revelation.

Oh wait. Patience again. Then results.

We all have many layers. Peeling them away like the layers of the onion may sometimes make us cry, but it also reveals ever more of the man, the true self inside.

It also reveals the freedom to live into that true self.

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