Dear Cee Cee

David Wainwright
Guest Contributor

EDITOR’S NOTE: David Wainwright, a member of the men’s divisions since doing his Sterling Men’s Weekend in 1995, spent time as Division Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, International Team Leader Trainer, Board Secretary, among other leadership positions. Here he reveals a letter to his wife Cee Cee, who is presently in an assisted living home in Arizona.

In a few short weeks we celebrate first meeting 43 years ago in a German restaurant in Colorado Springs. A year and a half later, we were married.

Through thick and thin, we have been together since.

Now this time in our lives has reached those Golden Years where our final days are getting closer.

Through it all, we have remained Soul Mates. We have lived in different places, done a lot of traveling, and watched our separate families grow and prosper.

As in the song “Kisses Sweeter than Wine,” we have had happiness and sorrow, but it’s time to go, taking our love for each other into eternity.

Love forever.

Your loving husband,


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