Jon Dougal
Guest Writer

A thank you for Daddy!

Not because it’s Father’s Day, but because sometimes I believe you have to make up for something you didn’t do as a father. This is not necessary.

You are a great father because you took on the responsibilities of my brother and I, after Mom left, and you stayed. It was scary and unknown and there were lots of mistakes – as what happens with all NEW things.

You are a good Dad, mostly because you tried. That’s all anyone can do.

  • You came trick-or-treating.
  • You made Thanksgiving dinners.
  • You helped me out when I really needed it – like my big flood, like taking me to the airport and the doctor for my surgeries.
  • For making time to meet for dinner.
  • For making sure I was able to live with people who looked after me when you weren’t there.
  • For saving extra change for your granddaughter’s college fund.
  • For every Christmas you came and stayed.
  • For the time we went to the movies with me when my heart was broken because of my divorce and loss of my daughter.

It meant everything to me that you were there!

The Granddaughter’s portion:

  • Thank you Grandad for your humor, for your crazy stories of your past.
  • Thank you for educating me about what’s important and choosing amazing gifts that made me want to learn about science, art, vocabulary and eco-matters.
  • Thanks for the dollhouse, microscope, globe, and excitement to want to use them.
  • Thank you for your advice and brutal honesty.
  • Thank you for taking me camping and fishing.
  • Thanks you for your heart to do good and to take care of others.
  • Thank you for being an amazing Grandad!


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