Commitment and Contribution – 2 Keystones in our Men’s Work

James Anthony Ellis 
Editor, Legacy Magazine

After 22 years of the push and pull of of being on an MDI men’s team, learning about the values and power of teams and teamwork, I am left with this:

  1. Committed men create a team.
  2. Contributing men create a team meeting.

It’s what we got folks.

We have each other, and what we give to the collective.

Without receiving a wage, without a corporation or large-scale business providing resources, overseeing a workforce … and with our own guile, passion and truth, we create these circles. And what keeps our circles intact and keep coming back?

ANSWER: Commitment – the deep and meaningful agreement from men who take a stand for what they can give and get when circling up.

Do we need to be athletic, fast, smart, educated, of a certain faith, religion, sexual orientation or persuasion? No, we merely need committed men who can show up and step up with the one thing that actually sustains a team in the first (and last place): commitment.

And what do we need when we finally do gather together?

ANSWER: Contribution – the giving to the circle in order to have exercises and experiences that bring value. Do we receive these exercises from some company VP or boss who dictates our agenda? Nope, it comes from us – our heart, soul, revealing, sharing, creativity and care.

So take away the commitment and you have no circle.

Take away the contribution and you have no team meeting.

Two very simple concepts – commitment and contribution – that can stand as benchmarks on what is working or not working for the benefit of a team, and the benefit for us all.

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James Anthony Ellis is an award-winning playwright, journalist and filmmaker, who is the author of eight books, including the men-focused “The Honor Book” available HERE.

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