I Am A Men’s Team

Jim Ellis
Editor, Legacy Magazine


(With an acknowledging nod to Matt Lyons of the Western Region.)

I am a men’s team.

I take me, pretty much, wherever I go.

As a boy – when I was a boy – I carried the spirit of fun, adventure, exploration and play.

As a man on a men’s team, I recall the freedom of outrageous fun, unmitigated by a need for the politically correct (whatever that is). I recall the times of playing full out, in physical activities and in full expression of mind, body and spirit.

I am a men’s team.

I observe life from a certain standpoint. Not just from a single human looking out for only my good, for just myself only. I want the best for my teammates and those within my larger circle. I want the best for you.

I give a shit.

I ask questions of others now, knowing it is they who have their own answers within them.

I believe in others to be able to find their greatness, their success, their happiness.

Wherever I go, I take me with me, and I just can’t help it. It’s ingrained now. I want everyone’s best. I raise the proverbial bar on those willing and wanting to grow personally in their lives. I hold them accountable to their word and to their greatness, as their success is my success.

I am a men’s team, and I meet 24-7, 365 days a year. My location varies. You don’t have to bring firewood. In fact if you bring firewood, I might have some concerns. You don’t have to bring a chair, and you don’t have to pay dues. You just have to be in my vicinity. You just have to join me, walk along with me, desiring for me to reach my potential, raising the bar on me so I can excel and grow into my best.

I am wanting a better world. I am peace; I am unity; I am love.

I am a men’s team.

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