Charles Wilton, First Ever Canadian Wheelchair Boxer

This story about MDI member Charles Wilton of the Canadian Region is a republished article originally appearing in MakeAChamp.com.

My name is Charles Wilton, and I’ve been a wheelchair boxer for for past three years.

I have just contracted my first official fight in Boxing for March the 3rd in Leicester in the UK with a boxer of comparable matchup named Danny Higgins. My main goals this year are: to represent Canada for Wheelchair Boxing and to inspire a whole generation of people to be in action and pursue their dreams.

My journey of being a wheelchair boxer came when I got in fights in high school. I learned that I could win, and that it was a powerful way to get out of my head, and express myself. To become a world-class athlete I am pushing my limits and developing a higher purpose, with more self-discipline and drive. The thing is, I want more, I know I can do more. I am ready to push my limits even further as I know that I can work my way onto a podium.

To be able to reach these goals this year I have to raise the money for two fights, one in Leicester, and one potentially in Dublin, Ireland. This is why I need your support. I could not do this without you. All donations will directly help me fund my fees. By contributing you will help me reach my goals, as well as take part in our journey of becoming a gold medalist.

Make Wilton a champ by contributing here: CONTRIBUTE!

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