Bert Sales Francisco – Rest In Peace

Jeff Francisco
Guest Writer


Bert Sales Francisco
March 16, 1925 – December 31, 2016

In early January 2017, Jeff Francisco sent a text to the MDI International Leadership Team meeting in Tampa, Florida, from his home in the Bay Area. It reveals the sort of depth that exists within the father-son relationship.


I’m with my brother, sisters, and family preparing for my Dad’s mass…

Please let the men know that being in MDI has prepared me to honor my father by letting the congregation at church know who my father was … what he meant to us as his children … and how he was our hero.

I thought that MDI was the place that I learned how to lead, how to trust the men, and to be authentic. What I realized in his passing was that my Dad was a man on my men’s team who was always there for me and has been my mentor and hero. He led me to be the man I have always wanted to be for the last 56 years of my life…

I miss him terribly.




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  1. Well done, Mr. Francisco. I feel the same way about many men, including my Dad, Bob Irwin………….and you.

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