Awww Shit I Am Going to Die

Fred Boyles 
Guest Contributor

Well, I am 73 with chronic bronchitis, diabetes, and other rotten things. My body type stores fat under my stomach muscles.

The older I get, the easier it is to gain weight. The fat presses on my stomach and squeezes gastric gases into bronchials, which in turn become irritated and produce excess mucus that causes me to have a chronic cough. The cough irritates my bronchial, causes more mucus, restricts my airways, making it hard to be able to take deep breaths. And this is a good day.

It is like breathing through a straw. The inability to take deep breaths makes it difficult to exercise and sleep. The bottom line is that my ravioli??? are swimming in excess mucus, one step away from drowning in my own fluids.

Then along comes the coronavirus that goes right for the lungs. If I get the virus and am put on a ventilator, my chances of dying are 88 percent.

So what is the cure? Or better yet – how can i reduce the systems?

Duh, lose weight! I’ve spent a lifetime as an athlete. It was easy to exercise five or six days a week. Cut out sugar. Eat anything I want. Well, I no longer play tennis five days a week.

As of February 2020, I weighed approximately 185-187. I was proud of myself. At 184, I could tie my shoes and even see my local penis. After the quarantine and the stay home orders, it became harder. Boredom and snacking started to be the norm. I’ve gone up to 193.3, and I’m starting to wheeze.

One of the men who had made an enormous difference in my life was Dr. Bob Irwin. He told me the path to healing is to love your illness. He loved his cancer and squeezed an extra couple of years of quality life. A few days before he died, he called me and told me he was “just fading away” and was surrounding himself with his family. His context: “I am loved, and know I’ve made a difference.”

So in the spirit of Dr. Irwin, I love my cough and all the above reasons I have it. I love the coronavirus for the clarity of how I need to live the rest of my life, loving me.

  1. Eat live food plant-based.
  2. Exercise. 
  3. Check-in with David Harris as he is a partner and mentor for eating live plant-based food.
  4. This Saturday participate in a Zoom call on such food. Watch more videos       
  5. Buy an air purifier to eliminate allergens, which will help my breathing.       
  6. Follow my doctors’ advice.
  7. Most of all, don’t do it alone.

Get help from my men, its not easy.

But it’s what must be done to stay out of the problem and the fear … and to stay healthy, safe and sane.

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