April Fools’ Day Cancelled Due to Fact Nothing is Funny Anymore

Given the dire state of affairs facing our nation, our cities and our streets, the annual holiday of April Fools’ Day has been cancelled.

The main reason for the suspension of joking on this formerly funny day is the basic fact that hardly anything is funny anymore.

Say humor experts and city officials that oversee jokes and gags, the cancellation is not due to any negativity associated with anything or anyone in particular, though there was some consideration of the lack of humor from Late Night talk shows.

City official Victoria Hohum pointed out three main causes for the cancellation:

  1. Satire and absurdity is now the “new normal.” So you can’t make fun of anything if reality is such a joke.
  2. There is too much going down to be able to laugh at anything. With so much misfortune, you can’t pretend there is another misfortune in a kidding way. People will respond with “What else is new?” And that ain’t funny.
  3. With such sensitive senstivies, society has got cancellation fever. Easter, Holidays … why not April Fools’ Day?

Please be aware that any joking on this ex-holiday could be met with harsh fines from law enforcement. They have to catch you though.

Said Hohum, “This suspension of the joking holiday is not due to any hot topic. There’s just too much messed up news in the world nowadays. Don’t worry; we just need a couple weeks to deal with the doldrums. We’ll let you know the next time you can laugh or smile. We look forward to that. It will be a bright day.”

Stay tuned.

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