A Year of Ceremonies

Olaf Krop
Western Region

Some of the teams I’ve been on seemed to suffer from a lack of focus or from attention deficit, where we just careened from week to week, seeming to react to whatever was going on instead of having an intention about where we were going. Even though one of the primary purposes of a men’s team is to help men who are struggling in the moment, it is also a place where men move through their present circumstances into something bigger, more challenging, for greater growth.  

One of the tools we use to support men’s growth is ceremony, and my current men’s team has a “theme” each month that supports men’s growth. We create ceremonies, exercises and rituals based on these themes each month, and it is a relief to our Team Captain to have a structure that helps him to focus the team. 

This is the calendar our team uses, but you can create your own calendar that fits your team. The main point here is to see men’s team-life as a journey, and not a series of random events. Develop a plan and a structure for your team to follow. 

January: New Beginnings

Because at the beginning of a year we have an opportunity to re-invent ourselves, re-commit and chart a course for the next 12 months of accomplishments.

February: Intimate Relationships

Because we are reminded of romantic love and connection, and creating intimacy is as much a man’s job as a woman’s.

March: Sacrifice

Because being a man means sacrifice, and if our recent work on intimacy and romantic love has given us a vision of what’s possible, we are willing to make sacrifices to make this happen.

April: Planning

Because we are confronted with our obligations to the state (taxes) and are either reaping or suffering from how well we have planned, we are reminded how important it is to plan. Also, we have just learned about sacrifice, and planning is a natural partner of sacrifice. 

May: Family

Because Spring turns a young man’s heart to romance, it is wise to connect to the collective wisdom of the men around family, and because Mother’s Day demands our best. 

June: Men’s teams

Because we have been spending time in the feminized world of relationship, planning and family, it’s time to celebrate being a man, and seek masculine relationship (a great month for your Team Away).

July: Inspection

Mid-term to the year, it is time to inspect each other and our teams to ensure we are full of masculine spirit, and that we are taking charge of our destiny.

August: Fun

As the summer draws to a close, it’s time to ensure we bring as much fun out of the season as we can, because in the fall, it will be time to get to work. (A good month for your Division Overnight!)

September: Service and Commitment

As Fall returns, we turn to our lives of commitment and service, and ensure we are living up to our values of service, commitment, integrity and trust. 

October: Community

Fall reaps the harvest, and we connect to our communities in anticipation of being of service to them during the holidays. 

November: Gratitude

November is the time to connect to our family and community and to express our gratitude and thanks for what we have. This also connects us to our higher purpose, in anticipation of… 

December: Service and Completion

The beginning of December is all about our service to a greater good and humanity, and then we complete our year and have time to reflect on the year in the quiet of winter. 

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