You Are Still With Me

James Anthony Ellis

A poem that came to me in the middle of the night. I sat up, started writing, long hand, and didn’t stop for another 15 minutes, without crosscuts. I guess I was inspired. Plus it was for my dad…

Through the thick and through the thin
Through the years of who we have been
Though you passed in March 2021
Though it would appear that all would be done
Though you traversed into the light, singing and flying free
Somehow, some way – you are still with me

In every rowdy cheer, as I watch a hockey game
In certain expressions or behaviors – hey, we’re the same
In the drive to uncover the hidden truth
In the mystical, metaphysical journeys where we need no proof
In the meditation where it could be enough just to be
In the faithful knowing – you are still with me

I look for you in dreamscapes behind sleep
Recalling a childhood prayer = for “our souls to keep”
I can release you now – the path has been laid
Yet I admit – without you, I sometimes feel afraid
So I close my eyes, so I can know and I can see
As far as I can reach, you are still with me.

The Poem is featured below In audio format. 
The voice and words are mine. The legacy is his.  

2 thoughts on “You Are Still With Me”

    1. Thank you. I had to fix a typo in the typed up version. Funny enough when I wrote it, I long hand wrote it out with the words just flowing out without any pause nor any cross-outs, which are normally customary. The narration was accurate. :)

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