Why MDI?

A Little History

Since 1981, for 20 years, men’s teams formed after men had participated in an initiation event originally called “Men, Sex & Power, The Gorilla Training” and later the “Sterling Men’s Weekend,” led by Justin Sterling. Serving as the entry point into a division, the men entered the Sterling Men’s Divisions, and the women – who participated in the Sterling Women’s Weekend – entered the Family of Women. Both organizations operated under the guidance of the Sterling Institute of Relationship. In 2000, an international meeting was held in Marin County, California to determine a new direction of the organization. Although the Family of Women chose to stay under the direction of the Institute at the time, the men founded the not-for-profit Men’s Divisions International, MDI, later to be termed Mentor Discover Inspire. The MDI-led Legacy Discovery event was first held in 2002. MDI, with a membership of widespread allegiances, has held a space for sending men to the Legacy Discovery and the Men’s Weekend, as well as other trainings such as Relating to Money, Essential Skills and the Fathering Forum. In January 2010, the Board of Directors also decided to make membership in MDI open to all men if they paid dues and agreed to uphold the Core Values and the Code of Honor. In 2011, MDI successfully launched its own nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation, Mentoring Men to Lead (MML), to support community service activities. 

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