Who Is Your Bubba? 

By Bubba Rich O’Keeffe  


Video 1 – What is a Bubba?    http://youtu.be/5meqCIpvQKA

Video 2 – Who is YOUR Bubba?   http://youtu.be/Vc4NOTIxBAg

Video 3 – Planning for the Bubba!  (Link forthcoming)

Bub•ba (noun): 

  1. A relationship nickname given to men to indicate their role in a family or close community. 
    1. Men typically relied upon for leadership and wisdom.   
    1. Typically a southern colloquial nickname for men.     

Huge plans are in the works; a huge space is being created, and huge fun will be had for all in attendance at the MDI International Bubba – a wild, outrageous weekend overnight that will make history for MDI. You are all invited. The weekend event – October 24 – 26 in Atlanta, Georgia – is named after the typical overnight weekends in the Southeast Region, and what Promotion Manager Jack Brown calls “that man in your life you trust the most to be there for you … your ‘bubba.’”

“It will be a once in a lifetime, spot-weld type of celebration,” said Bubba Brown. “Men will get a greater ownership of our organization, a stronger legacy to pass to other men, and a new experience of masculine fun.”

Imagine the most raucous, non-sense-ical game played on a gigantic field with over 200 active players, with every possible skill set known to man needed for your team to win: physical prowess, intellect, stamina, humor, intimately connected teamwork, drive, determination, problem solving, balance, strength, speed, the spirit to dive in headfirst, lack of care about how you look … all of it.  Throw in: 

  • A ton of lessons about how you really show up in life
  • Leadership mentoring from men with literally hundreds of years combined experience
  • The chance to break through barriers and behaviors that impede you from having the life you want 
  • A bunch of sweat
  • Very cool ceremonies
  • Connection with a couple of hundred allies for you to win in your life
  • And food – lotsa great food
  • The sort of memories you are gonna want to tell your future grandkids about

Listen, you don’t want to be the guy who could have been there, hears about how great it was from the men who did make it work, and kicks himself in the ass cuz he could have made it.  We get it – there are other commitments men have. You shouldn’t miss Senior Night of your son’s last football season, or parent’s weekend at your daughter’s college.  If your nephew is getting married, by all means, you belong there (though what you might consider is getting them to move the wedding a week and having the Bubba be the ballsiest bachelor party in history).  But for the vast majority of us, just make it work. Get there.  

Said MDI President, Sandy Peisner, who initiated the Bubba idea, “Men will have their lives changed, this will be an exhilarating, incredible fun loving experience and yes man can transform while having fun. We will celebrate as only men can.” 

The MDI President’s Vision

  • 250 men from 17 states, 2 countries, celebrating, competing, having the time of their lives.
  • These men are role models working on being a difference in community and families. 
  • Men come from all over to have incredible, amazing and awesome fun!
  • Results: Bonds are made. Leaders are created. Men experience our larger organization as never before.
  • Ultimately, men will go deep on a sacred journey they will never forget.
  • 20 years from now men are still talking about this event. 

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