What is the Most Effective Way of Dissolving Your Own Barriers to Your Greatness?

As always, it’s good to hear from the men on the topic at hand. On any topic, it’s good to go to the collective wisdom or goofiness of the men and see what is to be shared and revealed. This month we hear from the men posting on social media, in answer to this question: “What is the most effective way of dissolving your own barriers to your greatness?

Jmarshall Stein – I break barriers down by visualization and bringing myself back to my Men’s Weekend.

Willy Holt – By being open to feedback, criticism, and by being coachable.

Brian Childers – Empathy. Feeling the humanity of “them.” I am a miserable failure at putting myself in the place of some of “them” these days. I won’t quit applying myself to the opportunity at hand.

Pete Hymans – For me most barriers are opportunities to stop and examine my context, purpose and results, and to see if it is a clue to find a better way to achieve something. Most large “barriers” in my life have been short detours. And defeating or conquering them was unnecessary, when a slightly different approach or an added tool gave better results than I would’ve gotten had the interlude not occurred.

J.E. – I think of “what man do I know who can relate to the barrier in front of me, and may have insight on getting through?” I consider that man, and then I call him.

Bill Oakes – Define the barrier in great detail. Since you just created it, you can destroy it.

Sandy Peisner – I need to get out of my own way.

Andy Resnik – The biggest way to overcome my barriers to greatness is to compare myself with those who do get beyond their barriers, not with those who don’t. If any one man has the chance to succeed against great odds, then I can too.

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  1. Recent events in Minneapolis and other places first and foremost bring forward the differences of race, ethnicity, religion, or politics that occur as persistent barriers to cooperation in all aspects of our lives. But what is also emerging is the sense of profound relatedness of all human beings and that things that historically have never moved are now moving and a new reality for a better world has the possibility of emerging.

    On both a personal and social level what is required to break through barriers is to observe what is so without judgment and to notice what really matters to people and bring to life a new awareness of what it takes to make a better world through cooperation.

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