The Superpower of a One Track Mind

Matt Coddington 
MDI Contributor

There are many powerful words in the English language and the two I’m thinking of are “what if.”

What if I were actually a Super-Hero?

I remember when I was twelve; I was at the dinner table with my mother and father. I was chattering on about something that I had been chattering about for hours – something I desperately wanted to get for my life – and my dad said that I had a One-Track Mind. He wasn’t paying me a compliment. He got tired of my incessant talk about this prized item I so wanted.

What my father didn’t know was that I am actually a Super-Hero with the super-human ability to focus my One Track Mind like a laser beam to dissolve barriers. And sometimes I even do. Barriers don’t just go away. Sometimes they fight tooth and nail to win. But it takes a super human ability, a Super-Hero, a One Track Mind, or something different yet equally powerful, to kick them to the curb and realize freedom.

When I go into Super-Hero mode, there is a vortex of thought energy that becomes a decision, and then an action, for as long as it takes to dissolve and destroy the barrier in front of me. Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s slow, and sometimes it takes years. But like all Super-Heroes, people are relying on me … most of all myself.

What if you were a Super-Hero? Have you ever thought or realized that you are, or might be? What’s a quirk about you, that if you put it into the light and changed it from a quirk or something that was criticized perhaps, it could or would be an actual super-human power that has the capability to dissolve barriers?

There’s Superman, Aquaman, Ironman, Spiderman, and then there’s The One Track Mind.

Who are you?

And one more question – guess what I was able to get? My dad finally gave in and did buy me that drum set.

I am … the One Track Mind.

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