Wes Nichols: Paramount Progress In His Business

Wes Nichols has been in the San Diego Men’s Division since 2008. He first came across an MDI team while taking a walk through a park and questioned what the men were all about. At the time, he was couch surfing in the home of friends. Today, well, read for yourself. This interview was facilitated by Michael Fowlkes of the SD Men’s Division.

1. What are you building? 

I began the firm in 2008 as Paramount Property Tax Adjusters. As the practice began to grow and flourish a partnership was formed with the commercial real estate firm of Lee & Associates in San Diego in 2010, with the firm rebranding as Lee & Associates, Property Tax Appeal. The firm continued to grow and expand and a new division was added to the Business Tax Appeal division. With continued growth on the horizon, I decided to return the firm to its origins and rebranded the company in 2013 to Paramount Property Tax Appeal, to assist in the growth of the company through different and varied business service offerings. I began my business from the ground up from years of research, experience and an innate passion for the knowledge obtained. My company has grown from two to 12 employees in five years. Paramount Property Tax Appeal covers California, Arizona, Hawaii and Nevada. Since its inception Paramount Property Tax Appeal has handled in excess of 10,000 appeals from $300 to $2,500. To date has saved taxpayers in excess of one half billion dollars.

I am also building a successful family with my two daughters and my wife. My wife and I partner together to raise our daughters. 

2. How are you doing it? 

My tenacious and passionate work ethic has enabled a substantial growth within my career and the success of my company I provide a full-service solution with endless opportunities due to the number of properties that need to be appealed and reassessed. I am doing this through developing strong relationships and teamwork. I have built a very strong management team that works with me. 

3. Who is this impacting?  

I am impacting my industry, small businesses , entrepreneurs, small to midsize corporations as well as their employees and the people they serve. And of course my family.

4. What skills did you get from MDI that help you move in this direction?

I have learned effective communication, that I can’t do it alone and that I need help. I have learned that I have to delegate and be diligent about following up. It is easier to be a team.

Melissa, Chloe and Sophia with our success story Wes.

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