We’re All Scaling the Same Mountain

David “Oz” Osterczy
Guest Contributor

Editor’s Note: I found this old pal on Linkedin and was impressed with his writing style: passionate, focused, purposeful. A professional artist and photographer, David Osterczy shares an entrepreneurial message that I believe suits our Legacy audience. He can be reached at https://www.ozfineartstudio.com.

Loneliness, despair, confusion, money challenges. 

Entrepreneurship, it’s a thing…  

I often find myself sitting in my home office late at night, staring at stacks of papers and wondering, “Is it always this lonely?” 

Fortunately, I have a cat.  

Being an entrepreneur may seem glamorous, but the reality can be starkly different. 

Here’s why:

Making tough choices

countless times, I’ve stared at the ceiling wondering if I’m making the right decision for my team, my business and how my ideas and my art are serving mankind. 

When you’re at the helm, it’s up to you to lead the way, and sometimes, that path can be a solitary one.  

Fortunately I can unwind by creating artwork, whether it’s for a client or for fun, it serves the same purpose. 

Living Under Pressure

An entrepreneur doesn’t just wear many hats; they juggle them all, spinning plates while tap-dancing on a tightrope with lunch in one hand and furiously typing with the other.

I really need to grow more hands or learn cloning technology.  

The strain of keeping everything in balance, day after day, can seem insurmountable and isolating.  

Risking it All

As entrepreneurs, we make great sacrifices. 

We risk our savings, our security, and sometimes, our sanity, for the promise of success. 

This level of commitment can often feel isolating, a solitary struggle only we understand.

Work-Life Balance? 

What’s That?  

The line between work and personal time often blurs for us. 

We are perpetually “switched on,” and this ceaseless whirlwind can leave us feeling cutoff and alone.  

Mastering the Art of Failure

Success is built on a foundation of past failures, and learning to navigate these setbacks is a lonely lesson.  

No entrepreneur walks this path because it’s easy. 

We do it because we believe in our vision, in change, and in adding value to the world.  

And though there are days when the weight of our choices seems overwhelming, remember this – it’s okay to ask for help. 

Find mentors, build your network, engage with peers. 

Go find a 1 Million Cups meeting near you or join an amazing community like H7 Network.

You’ll be very glad that you did.

Lean on others, learn from their experiences, and when you can, lend your own wisdom.

Because while being an entrepreneur can be a solitary trek, we’re all scaling the same mountain.  

Let’s climb it together.  

Oz out…

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