We Dispense Wisdom

Justin LaBarge


The purpose of Legacy Magazine is to bring powerful conversations we have while part of a men’s team, under a palpable sense of “confidentiality,” and bring them forward in the most public means possible.

We dispense wisdom. And there’s a dearth of wisdom out there.

Our MDI culture encourages men to bring their truth around anything they find meaningful. We encourage men to speak from personal ownership, with their ‘I-Voice.’ This is wise. This is where we find the good shit from being part of a men’s team. Legacy Magazine wants to bring conversations men have at team meetings under the badge of ‘confidentiality’, and have them in the most public way possible. We exemplify HOW we have these conversations, under a clear understanding of TRUST.

The main points for these articles are less about OUR INDIVIDUAL politics, and more about portraying a mature masculine perspective when dealing with such topics. For example with one of our columnists Howard Spierer, he is discussing Lessons in Leadership from real-world examples, based on real first-hand personal experience. From a “Leader of Men” perspective. This is wisdom.

A few more policies of note:

  • Our opinions point toward some greater context, rather than claiming to be “I am right, and therefore you are wrong.”
  • All points of view are welcomed, so long as they are not utterly destructive (ala threats of violence such as “I’m going to KILL YOU!”).
  • We maintain an outward-facing public face. We’re generating content for the men who are NOT YET part of MDI.
  • We openly communicate the nature of our conversations. We EMBRACE controversial topics and editorially articulate this MATURE MASCULINE perspective, to exemplify our MDI culture.

Therefore, we have an obligation to model examples of “mature masculine” behavior. Controversial topics are the exact places where mature masculine behavior is needed most.

Our method begins by speaking from our own personal truth, owning our opinions (aka “mask-off”). We engage in any controversy with the intention of creating value, well beyond the intention of BEING RIGHT.

Men grow by testing their boundaries. Men need conflict in order to understand their boundaries. “Like iron sharpens iron, so shall men sharpen men.” This is germane to being a man. We must resist the temptation to avoid conflict – and in fact we should seek it out, in full pursuit of bringing wisdom to achieve higher context. These are the elements of being maturely masculine.



While being philosophical is Justin LaBarge‘s favorite way to bullshit, he also prefers pictures over words, and wishes we could all find a way to listen more. Being Creative Director for his 13 year old web design studio has helped keep him both nimble and humble.

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