The Western Region’s Legacy Discovery

Olaf Krop
Event Manager, Legacy Discovery

The Western Region is creating a legacy.

The Western Region’s Legacy Discovery was held from October 21 – 23 in the Mendocino Woodlands camp in the Mendocino National Forest in  Northern California. There were 43 men registered, and 40 men attended the weekend. Jonathan Kaplan was the LGEL (Lead Group Exercise Leader) and Event Leader. He was assisted by Training Team Manager Jeff Raifsnider, the Training Team Manager, Production Team Manager Eddie Tobias, and Kitchen Team Manager Alain Guichard.

The event had men registered from  Maine, Toronto Ontario, Vancouver BC, Florida, Boston, Tucson, Seattle, San Diego, St. Louis, New York, and Denver. Men from all walks of life, from the wealthy to the humble. We had men from virtually every continent. The diversity was amazing and inspiring.

By the end of the 2.5 day LD, every man had embraced their core values, crafted a purpose statement, and discovered their legacy! 

The site was hallowed ground for men, being the site of the very first men’s gathering started by poet Robert Bly some 60 years ago. We had a small training team and even smaller production team, but we were mighty and dedicated. All the Division Coordinators and our Regional Coordinator was there to serve the men. And the men feasted like kings, worked like men and played like boys!

All told, there were 28 men on site supporting the weekend, including seven on the training team. Every DC and the RC was there to serve the weekend!

This weekend was transformational for every man who was there, and our lives will be changed as a result! The participants got what they came for: Dissolving the ways they get trapped up in life, and discovering their core values, purpose and legacy. They worked like men, played like boys and ate like kings! The Legacy Discovery is important because for many men, they discover that they aren’t alone, that their struggles and wounds are felt by men just like themselves, and that they can tap into a powerful Community of men who do this work.

The men of Mentor Discover Inspire are giving all men a place to bond, get support and build the best versions of themselves.

I’m very proud of Kaplan and his team for their dedication and humble service.

A legacy never to be taken away.

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  1. Mr. Krop, I am awash with respect and gratitude for the miracle you men pulled off. Without Lewis and the last minute exit by Coburn, I am reminded of my first LD as a trainer at Camp Cutter, tiptoeing around a triple booking. It’s not about the paint is it. It’s the context of making a difference in lives through excellence.

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