The “Men and Masculinity Summit” to Mentor Men to Greatness

Jeff Lawrence
Chairman of the Board
Mentor Discover Inspire

The mission of MDI in part is to “cause greatness by mentoring men,” and this upcoming Masculinity Summit fits perfectly. The MDI President, Geoff Tomlinson, has been working together with a number of other men’s organizations to deliver this co-ed event, which is committed to engaging in a conversation regarding men, masculinity and self-development. The goal is to deliver life-altering content to you and the people you invite to join you on this quest.

During this event, leaders and speakers from many organizations will take us on an exploration of self-discovery.

I encourage you to get your Teams, Division or Regions together and make Sunday, November 19 a Guest Event in your Region, as this will MENTOR, DISCOVER and INSPIRE everyone.


The speakers at this year’s event will present live from Toronto, Canada as well via the World Wide Web.

  • Geoff Tomlinson (MDI President) on “The Value of Men’s Teams”
  • Stephen de Wit (MDI Trainer) on Sexual Freedom
  • John Izzo on “Why Men and Why Now? Moving Towards a Healthy Masculinity”
  • David Robinson from The Mankind Project on “Living and Leading Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey”
  • Christine Hart on “Understanding the Opposite Sex in the Workplace”
  • Kevin Bruce Scott on “The 9 pillars of Integrity”
  • Ian French’s passionate and moving performance of slam poetry
  • Carla Costa’s on “The Hero’s Uphill Climb”

The Summit is a co-ed event open to everyone 18 years and above. Men, women, friends, family, colleagues, partners and spouses will all be able to join live in Toronto or via webcast.

To get more details or to Register go to www.MenAndMasculinity.com and use promo code MDI2017 for a discount on tickets to the event. If you’re viewing on-line as a team please buy 1 ticket for every 5 members to help support the costs to bring this event to the world.



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