The MDI Competition Update – September 2022

The first of its kind, the MDI Competition – which started in March and completes November 2022 – is the brainchild of the leader of the MDI Expansion Initiative, The overall objective is to create fun ways for men to build the organization and strengthening connections among members. The winner will be announced on the November “All-Hands” call.  And now for the update:

The Point System

Points Accumulated

  1. Number of men who complete the MTP Program
  2. Number of men who join MDI through the EXT Referral Program
  3. Number of men who register for a Legacy Discovery Weekend
  4. Images of men engaging in different MDI meeting and events
  5. Men who support the different roles and participate with the men of ILCT
  6. Regional growth by the end of the competition

The Key

  • MTP – Membership Training Program
  • EXI – Expansion Initiative
  • INTL – International Team
  • LD – Legacy Discovery
  • CAR – Canada Region
  • NER – Northeast Region
  • SER – Southeast Region
  • SWR – Southwest Region
  • WER – Western Region


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