The Magical Trail To Havasu Falls

Abe Moore
Guest Contributor

Oh yeah I remember it well, it was September 2019, just months before all hell broke loose in most of our worlds. My brother-in-law wanted my wife and I to take a trip with he and my sister. He talked us into doing a hiking trip in Arizona to Havasu Falls to Havasupai Falls Arizona in Supai Village.

I knew a little about this place from seeing photos online, but I really didn’t know what we were getting into. Our intentions were  to make reservations as soon as they opened them up in February and to reserve a spot for early June. We didn’t realize it but they sell the entire season of reservations out in the first two hours. So we got what we could …. early September. The good news was we had plenty of time to prepare for a 10-mile hike from our car to a campground down into the Grand Canyon. We would need five 5 days of supplies in our backpacks. Although it was one of the most difficult physical challenges I’ve experienced, it was also one of the most rewarding.

There is something magical with the energy of Havasupai; this place is amazing. The 8-mile hike alone ascending from the rim of the Grand Canyon into Supai Village is something to experience, the last two miles from Supai Village to our campground felt like it took hours because I was so tired. 

The campground sits on the bottom of the Grand Canyon floor right next to a beautiful peaceful creek, the drinking water flows straight off the side of a mountain. There are a number of waterfalls, streams, pools and creeks, and hiking is available from the campground to the confluence of the Colorado River, which is another eight miles. We could only manage four miles of to Beaver Falls.

Man so many great memories from this trip.

One of the most memorable parts of the trip was watching my wife scale down the side of granite cliffs when we hiked from our camp spot to Beaver Falls. Prior to the trip I was concerned about how my wife would hold up, and to my surprise she kicked ass.

We did have a freak-out moment on one of the days as this place is prone to flooding, the total width of this part of the canyon is maybe 1/16 of a mile. One of the afternoons a thunderstorm rolled in with a light rain. Then it really started coming down. My wife started freaking out thinking we were going to get flooded out. Fortunately I have many tools in my tool-belt from being in a circle of men, and I was able to calm her down by creating a plan if the rain continued.

Fortunately after 15 minutes of heavy rain it stopped and all was good!

Really good.

Something about the atmosphere of Havasupai created an energy between my wife and I that was special.

Everyday we experienced something amazing. For example, when we left after five days we decided to take a helicopter out. This was my first time on a helicopter. That was both awesome and terrifying flying through the Grand Canyon just above the canyon walls!   

I will never forget that trip and it will always be one of my top adventures.  

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