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Leave Your Legacy – Reveal The Experience – Share the Wisdom

We do not know how long we have here in this life, as we grow, as we push for our success, and as we create a legacy to be left behind for future generations. Like a candle that glimmers for a flicker of time before it goes out, we embrace whatever limited time we have.

If only there was a way to capture the success stories, the honoring and the wisdom of the men…


Click this LINK to leave a living legacy through your wisdom, memories and stories.

The Legacy Magazine introduces an online portal – found here and on the opening page of the MDI Membership Site, where members can submit content that covers such departments:

  • Wisdom of the Men – A lessons learned in life, shared for the benefit of others
  • Success Stories – An inspiring story of a man winning, or being the man they’ve always wanted to be
  • Attaboys – Acknowledging another man for who he is and what he’s done
  • Wall of Fathers – A “Thank You Dad” page, where man can honor their fathers
  • The Book – Honoring a man in the circle who has passed away 

With such a steady collection, not only will the Legacy Magazine populate a monthly periodical – broadcast out to the largest circle of men of the globe – but we will also create a location where men could LIVE IN LEGACY. This is an opportunity for men to document a journey and the wisdom they have gathered along the way. 

The Legacy Magazine – since its birth in 2013 – has gone from a quarterly confidential periodical to a classy global monthly online magazine with excellent and engaging articles submitted by a pool of about 25 MDI-related contributors. After eight years of dedicated publishing and editing – and rolling through many monthly themes – we are altering the focus of the magazine and need help in locating content from the men.

Can you assist in bringing your own contribution, or – if you are inspired – ask another man to contribute as well…


Are you available to be a “scout” for the Living Legacy Project?


  1. Simply keep your eyes open and ears open as you connect with other MDI men.
  2. When inspired, with the belief this is a valuable piece of wisdom or an uplifting story, tell that man “That should be put into Legacy” and give him the link www.LegacyMag.org with a request to share. 
  3. Feel happy you’ve helped a man document a legacy he would normally allow to pass by, like a flickering flame on a match.

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