The Legacy of our Fathers – From the Men

As always, it’s good to hear from the men on the topic at hand. On any topic, it’s good to go to the collective wisdom of the men and see what is to be shared and revealed. This month we hear from the men posting on social media, in answer to this question: “What is your father’s legacy?”

Jmarshall Stein
Family community and advocacy.

Paul King
Yankee ingenuity.

Kraig Beale
My dad was an eye surgeon who pioneered cataract surgery by replacing the disease lens with a man-made lens. He fought an uphill battle against the establishment, until it was accepted. It’s now the most common surgery in America. He also pioneered Radial keratotomy and the use of lasers on the eyes. Again the establishment fought him. This procedure threatened the eyeglass companies and the opticians. It’s now widely practiced and accepted. Though he didn’t invent these procedures, he brought them to the forefront.

Jim Ellis
The love of hockey, the need to investigate and get to the deeper truth of the matter, and hating the San Fransisco Giants.

Bob Walker
Community Service, Auto Racing Fan, Recovery from Alcohol… I loved my Dad… Miss him everyday… Oh, and me and my siblings….

Joe Copp
Very respected Family Doctor. Kind, soft-spoken, very curious.

Geoff Kole
Wow. Basically to get along with most people especially those from other countries. This was all fine and dandy until this bloody website Facebook came along. lol.

Andrew Poretz
Me and my brother and his children.

David A Wainwright

Bill Tillman

Sam Schoemann

Justin LaBarge
I’ll let my dad tell you himself.

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