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The Legacy Magazine – sponsored by the International Men’s Organization “Mentor Discover Inspire” (MDI) and guided by a Code of Honor and a higher purpose Mission Statement – is taking a stand.

In the face of any and all dishonorable battles – seen and unseen in society and community – we stand for:

  • Men’s teams where men can routinely gather for their own purpose and success
  • High standards of conduct
  • Ruthless compassion
  • Truth, Honor, Integrity
  • Outrageous fun
  • Freedom of expression
  • Unity in the face of distinction of religion, race, sexual orientation and politics
  • Men causing greatness
  • Living as mature masculine leaders
  • Creating successful families, careers and communities

The premier magazine – first published as a newsletter for MDI in March 2013 – is taking on a new direction and focusing on a new audience. Rather than centering mainly on MDI members – with stories strictly about MDI events, successes and community events – our new audience is you, the global community of men. This means that stories will keep all men in mind, speaking directly to them. We recognize that men outside of MDI are not necessarily interested in MDI activities. At the same time, we know you men do have concerns and considerations that must be addressed by the mature masculine leaders with a mission that encompasses humanity. This will be our Legacy Magazine’s focus: conversations about timely topics from our mature masculine perspective.

Though the magazine shifts focus, the stories related to MDI – men’s success stories, community service highlights, timely events and testimonials – will have a home on the MDI Website , where visitors can learn more about the great results of being on a men’s team.

Starting with the February 1, 2017 launch, we move away from the bimonthly format and publish as the need arises. No longer an every-other-month periodical with specific editions, the Legacy online e-magazine will be updated throughout the week with distribution blasts twice a month.

For our global audience, our unique perspective originates from a legacy of countless leadership trainings (both taken as well as facilitated) as well as 20-plus years of on-the-job education participating in weekly men’s teams meetings. In this context, we here at the Legacy Magazine will be bringing a virtual men’s team to you, wherever you are.

We will all be in partnership in bringing the principles and core values of MDI to our world … all to cause greatness … all for the drive to create mature masculine leaders … all for the sake of successful families, careers and communities. We will be in partnership in taking a stand for you … and with you.

Come back often. Share, like, dislike as you will. Join the conversation.

Submit Stories to the Legacy:

  • Content for the Legacy Magazine will focus on a global audience.
  • Commentaries 200 – 1000 words must be engaging for the global audience. Pictures necessary for each story as well.
  • “Success Stories” – 100 – 1000 words including a picture – honor an MDI man who has experienced some form of success in his life.
  • Success Stories will be published to the MDI Website where those visitors wanting details about the MDI organization can learn about such success.
  • Stories of MDI community service can also be submitted and will go in the section of “In the Community” also to be found on MDI’s website.
  • All stories should be sent in by the 15th of the month.
  • Content sent to

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