The Greatness That Pulls You Onward

James Anthony Ellis
Editor, Legacy Magazine

There is a greatness, this is true.

There is a greatness within you, and there is a greatness out before you.

Like a magnet that pulls you onward upon your path, the inner and the outer wish to join.

This includes both the inner potential … matched with the results of a life wherein the potential is reached.

There is a greatness that pulls you along on your journey and pushes you to express yourself purely. 

It has been framed in various ways:

  • The man you’ve always wanted to be
  • The mature masculine
  • The man of honor
  • The rock
  • A man living the code
  • A man of excellence

We are pulled along. Out before us is this vision, the concept of a superior self, being the man we wish to express in the world. The pull is strong and never-ending. If the pull wasn’t strong, you would have quit long ago. Packed it in.

But you haven’t quit. You don’t quit. You face the failure with “no problem.” You face the fire with your own fire in the belly.

You remove the arrows, and have other brothers help you remove the arrows. You restore any brokenness – in whatever way you have broken your word or commitments with errant action.

You deal with loss.

And you grieve.

But you arise once more. For the pull is strong in you.

You have a purpose. You have a mission statement of your own, whether you have yet put pen to pad or not.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

Perhaps you are not “there” yet, whatever “there” will be. But you are on your journey. You are in your process.

To be the man. To be the “man of the year” in your life, and in the lives of your family, coworkers, team and community.

What would it look like?

How will you know you have arrived?

Maybe, it won’t take an award or a trophy or a certificate, but rather an integrity that draws a direct line between vision, word, action and result.

Until then, embrace the process and allow the greatness to pull you ever onward.

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