The Greatest Comeback Of All

James Anthony Ellis
Editor, Legacy Magazine 

(Editor’s Note: No one else wanted to take on the idea of our society and humanity experiencing a “comeback” after such harsh experiences over the past year. So I took it on, and it came through as a piece of prose.)

The greatest comeback of all
Coming directly after the fall
Collapsing in on itself, like a rotten Roman Empire
Infrastructures weakened, timetables set to expire
Lasting as long as the light in the daytime sky
As long as the farewell of the long goodbye
For there comes the crumbling and bumbling for us all
Creating the failure, causing the fall

But Rocky gets back up off the mat before the count of 10
We look back on where we came from … and where we’ve been
Every falter, every fail, we need not remain in despair
Eyes perceiving, minds open, consciousness aware
We humbly realize where we believed those who lied
Lessons not only learned, but also applied
There comes a time when we finally hear the wake-up call
There comes a time after the fall

After the Fall comes the Winter and then the Spring
The mysterious process and the magic it will bring
At first leaves changing, leaves falling, tumbling earthbound
Once safe in lofty trees, now home on solid rock ground
Then comes the hibernation and inward journey still
We follow the silence of the sacred, Divine Will
And then the promise of Spring has blooms blossoming again
We can look to where we are going, not just where we’ve been
Wonders never cease for those at peace, venturing down hollowed hall
Trusting in what will grow … after the Fall

After the fall, we see what we have made of our lives
Brother and sister canceling each other, society divides
Polarized opposites fight in the streets and on the online waves
Others hide away in fear, in their own distant caves
But a comeback is in order, as it always will be
People searching for ways to be heard, and ways to be free
To remember again, words from the likes of Martin Luther King
Little boys and girls walking together with a mighty song to sing
Not listening to the lies that promote discord and separation
A return to innocence, our alpha and omega destinations
Once lost in lofty debates, now resting on solid rock ground
A union of minds, hearts and souls, a steady foundation found
Much broader than struggling for just mere survival
It’s the great rebound, the supreme return, the grand revival
It came after the misstep, the veil, the human experience, after our fall
It came in the greatest comeback of all …

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