The Best Team Ever

David Plante 
Guest Contributor

I would like to tell you about the best team I have been on for over 30 years.  It has many qualities that make it great but here are the top 10 for me.  This team has a mutual responsibility to practice Discipline, Commitment, Integrity, and has always provided a safe place to tell the truth. Did I say always?

1. Show Genuine Commitment

Team players are genuinely committed to their cause. Good team players might make sure they are around when needed, but great team players will make themselves available always. They strive for excellence. We have never taken a day off from being committed. 

2. Be flexible 

Through our efforts, we participate and tackle challenges without taking sides or taking things personally.

3. Don’t stay in the shadows

It is not in our interest to just sit quietly and wait to see what happens. As team players, we come to each other having prepared our ideas clearly.

4. Be reliable and responsible

Our team is reliable and responsible. We complete tasks and challenges in the way that best supports the team.

5. Actively listen

We respectfully consider the viewpoints and ideas. This is why our team is so effective. Active listening is hard. And that is what makes it great.

6. Keep your team informed

We share our opinions and ideas without trying to come up with a plan for taking credit for it. Transparency is key.

7. Always be ready to help

Even when it is not our job or responsibility, we are generous in the help we can give to each other. 

8. Support and respect others

We are self-aware of how we treat each other. We conscientiously give respect to each other.

9. Be a problem-solver

My team is always working on solving problems. We appreciate each other’s skills, and this pays off huge for the team. 

10. Recognize when you are wrong 

Team members will back off an idea when it becomes clear it’s not the right path. If someone believes strongly that the team is making a mistake, they find a way to come back to the issue when the time is right, but being stubborn is not a quality of a great team player.

There are only 2 people on my team. Me and my wife. 

Best Team Ever!

Some content was originally written by Lara Pole.

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