Thank You For That Sharp Experience

Jim Ellis 
Legacy Magazine Editor

Ah yes, every once in awhile, in life, we get that sharp experience, one that hurts us, harms us, wounds us, jabs us, perhaps stabs us right there in the back.

We toss and turn in the toil and turmoil. It’s a drag and a half. We can be left feeling emotional pain, abandonment, betrayal, resentment.

And this will remain.

It will remain.

It will not leave us.

Until … until we are ready.

We will remain in that pain and resentment until that time comes where we have learned whatever lesson we needed to learn. It will be a lesson that brought us that harsh, sharp experience in the first place.

At those times when we get to the OTHER SIDE of the lesson and can apply it naturally … this is when we can look back in appreciation.

  • The glorious mountain view took the hard climb to the top.
  • The realization of our true terms as men may have taken heartbreaking relationships where we sold ourselves out and changed ourselves for someone’s approval.
  • The firing from a job of 14 years, due to my laggard ways and a betrayer’s tattle-telling, could lead me to find a new career wherein my true purpose as writer, author, producer and filmmaker would be realized.

What is your mountain? Who has broken your heart … open? Who has played the role of betrayer so that you – stagnant, unmovable, stubborn and stuck – would be forced off your perch? Who supported you in the most ugly way, so that you were forced to learn to fly?

Have you learned what you must so that you can look back and hold a true appreciation for the experience? And if not, are you open to continue the process that will lead you to more freedom and a wider, more expanse view?

The sharp and hurtful experiences do not remove accountability from the equation in case someone has abused or misused you. But, with grace and sheer will, the experience can be used perhaps as it is designed: to uncover the incredible, unlimited and powerful man you were born to be.

Something to truly be thankful for.

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