Take a Stand at Standing Rock

MDI men take stands for the important things in life. For Jorge Rosado, that is to defend Mother Earth, which he notes provides life to us all.
Rosado – of the Southwest Region, Legacy Kings Division, and team Eastsiders – is a veteran of the US armed forces and has served our country to protect our freedom. On Christmas December 25, he and other veterans will be traveling to join brothers and sisters in North Dakota at Standing Rock, a site where native Americans and others have protested the construction of an oil pipeline that they claim endangers water supply, as well as disrespects sacred grounds. 
In a heartfelt message below, Rosado provides an explanation as well as a request for help.


Here is my reason for taking a stand.
Here is my reason for taking a stand.

Thank you for being part of who I am. Coming to a men’s circle was how my prayer for healing during a difficult time in my life was answered. I didn’t realize until years later, when I looked back and saw my family thriving and how blessed I am, that those blessings were a direct result of that prayer that lead me to the men. I have been fortunate enough to visit teams all across this country. I have visited MUDD (East Bay), Dog Soldiers (Atlanta), DCT (Mid-Atlantic), and Jaw Bone (New England). Eastsiders all day baby, the men of MDI are always in my heart. 

The reason for this message is to let you know that I am taking a stand against the injustices I see unfolding against the water protectors at Standing Rock, and I am inviting you to stand with me. 

Standing Rock is not just about justice for the First Nations … Standing Rock represents the will to live for the entire human race. It’s easy to say “water is life,” but not until you experience what it is to die slowly of thirst, can you truly appreciate Mni Wiconi – Water of Life. 

I pray that our children and our children’s children never experience a slow thirsty death because of the actions or in-actions of our generation. 

By taking a stand to protect the water, we are living the code ~ Defend Humanity. Please join me. Find an excuse to actually physically be there. 

December 26 – 30.

Facebook Event Page:

If you can’t make it, here is how you can help with a financial contribution:

I encourage you to share this with veterans and the men in your life.

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  1. I am proud to know Rosado and VERY proud of his presence and Spirit at Standing Rock. CJ Hill Southwest Region – San Diego Men’s Division.

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