Success Stories – September 2013

Stories of success are everywhere you look … if you are looking.


  Bill Miller Wins Prestigious Award for Helping the Blind Defend Themselves

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Bill Miller of San Diego’s Men’s Division in the Southwest Region won the prestigious Channel 10 Leadership Award for his outstanding work mentoring special needs youth in protecting themselves with martial arts. In his United Studios of Self-Defense in Pacific Beach, Miller gives back to a community he truly cares for. He noted that he receives a lot as well, especially from students such as young Michelle who told him, “You make me feel like I can do anything.”


  Dog Soldiers Overhaul Home for 92-year-old Woman in Need

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(L-R) Christensen, Brinson, Childers, Goodnow, Horne, Dollar; Mrs. Brown and Katie Horne (taking photo: Dani Christensen).

On August 24 in Atlanta two teams from Dog Soldiers  – No Name and Breaking Bad – spent a solid four hours helping 92-year-old Mildred Brown fix up her house – replace wood decking on kitchen floor, clean gutters, fix roof, trim bushes and clean out the cellar. The Dog Soldiers partnered with an organization Neighbors in Need. Once complete they headed to the U-Joint for lunch and beers. Said one team player, “A fine day, a loud day, a proud day.”

  Great Comeback Story from New DC of Dog Soldiers

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Jeremy Leggett, presently the DC in the Southeast Region, came to the Dog Soldiers in 2002 – single, addicted, 280 pounds, struggling. Since then he has turned it all around. At a fit 190 pounds, Leggett is married with a successful family life, working a nutritional supplements career that has exploded, and celebrating his recent graduation where he received two bachelor degrees: political science and business. In recovery for 11 years, he is now preparing for a triathlon, continuing on his successful path and helping to create a space for other men in his region to experience and celebrate their own successes.


  MDI Team Puts Roof Over the Head of The RC

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Geoff Tomlinson, RC, has a business so up against it that he feels “really unemployed.” Meanwhile life continues. As the shingles on his roof were falling apart, at any time he believed rain would allow for water to come right into the house.  A former MDI man who is roofer donated some time and effort, and 15 MDI men showed up on a Saturday morning to fix his room by Saturday afternoon.  In awe, Tomlinson says, “It’s amazing to be with men like us.”


  Calgary Flooding Met by the Care of MDI Leader Querido

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On June 21, 2013, Calgary and High River experienced the worst flooding in a generation. About 25 percent of Calgary’s downtown was under water. One of HSIT’s men, Rene Querido, took the lead in coordinating and helping out with post flood volunteering. The division had six men that needed urgent help with the floodwaters; they needed manpower but also fans, pumps and other items to aid in their recovery. There was no shortage of people requiring help. Just driving through the neighborhoods or walking a couple doors down had the men finding someone else needing help. And the men helped. Said Querido, “Being part of something THAT great, and having the opportunity to lead some of our men to something MUCH bigger than ourselves was a gift I will value until the day I die and be an honour that I am humbled by.” 


  Calvary Shows up To Feed The Homeless in Massachusetts 

Team River of Fire in the Jawbone Division, led by David Plante, was the cavalry for the Manna soup kitchen in Northampton, Massachusetts recently. The entire staff got to take the evening off, and the team showed up with pickup trucks full of goods, grills, and supplies to feed 53 homeless people.  Manna kitchen staff said the team needed to arrive at 1 pm to be able to serve by 6 pm.  Said Plante,  “We told them a team of men could do it in one hour. And we did. It was an incredible, fulfilling experience. “ 

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  Humungous Victory as Oz Leads Team of Men to Help Hurricane Sandy Survivors

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NEWS ARTICLE ––david-osterczy-continues-to-help-si-sandy-victims-10-months-after-the-storm

Photo Gallery –


From October 31 to November 1, 2012, Hurricane Sandy beat the crap out of the East Coast. Starting the following weekend, David Osterczy of Humungous Division volunteered with a team of men and women to help those most affected by the storm. In the months since, “Oz” (as he’s known) has lead teams of men and women nearly every weekend gutting and clearing homes, building and re-building community hubs, and raising thousands of dollars to purchase tools and protection for his crew, as well as donating clothing, medicines and money to those victimized by the storms affects. 

Oz has made hundreds of friends because of this work, as well as meeting his now close friend, Lisa, who is herself winning a national award for assisting him every week in this effort.  During these efforts, Oz finally picked up his camera again and starting shooting photos and documenting his efforts.  After a 13-year hiatus, Oz reignited his passion for photography and is now working as a professional photographer. He had a recent win with his first photography gallery show in which he sold four pieces, and booked two more shows with other galleries from the one.

Oz says, “We are in this until the job is complete, however long it takes.” 


In compiling the success stories of the various men in our organization, one region stood out this quarter, as kicking some major ass. Some activity: 

  • Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend: An initiation weekend for teenage boys into manhood. Men attended a 100-Man Ceremony where men come and welcomed these men into manhood.
  • Pack-A-Back Event: An event that gave backpacks to kids and families that would not be able to afford them otherwise. One division raised funds while men from the entire Region participated by donating money and showing up to the event.  (More below)
  • Circles of Men 7: An event where Western Region MDI “plays” with the other men’s circles in the Bay Area for the common good of men and brotherhood. Although originally an outgrowth of MDIs Reachout Program, it has grown over the years to include The Nation Of Men (East & South Bay), The Mankind Project as well as The Tribe Of Men organizations. This year the men were honored to directly support the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend taking place simultaneously. 
  • Fathers Sons and Brothers: An event in August where men invited their Fathers Sons and Brothers for a weekend of honorable competition and fun.  Over 40 men and young men ages 5-75 took off their masks, had fun, ate well and forgot about normal life for a weekend, teaching each other great lessons on this rugged mountain.  Thanks to Joseph King and Ben Estes for giving their best.
  • MUD’s Pete Duran Project: Pete Duran, 3-time decorated Vietnam War Veteran and a man of MUD Men’s Division took ill and had a stroke late last month. MUD responded by planning on fixing up his home a bit for his welcome back. The project grew. The entire house was painted and many repairs done, completing by August 27. The greater context here is “Giving back to one of our own who has given so much to us!”
  • Sequoia’s Relay for Life:  The men of Sequoia are in their 8th year of supporting the American Cancer Society by fundraising and providing food for the event in the North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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