In Our Prayers

JB Tomlinson, Eastern Canada – 1935 – 2014

  As told by JB’s son Geoff

Hello men, some of you don’t know me and didn’t know my dad.  But many of you knew my dad and know me. 

The links below are to my dad’s memorial service. I know many of you who knew him throughout the continent and could not be there would want to see the videos below from his time as a DC, a Regional Growth Enrollment Manager or International Growth and Enrollment Manager. 

For the rest of you, you might want to see what it looks like when MDI produces a funeral.  The tribute video tonight was created by Darryl Komaromi, a TV ad producer in our region, with countless hours of help from first and foremost Shayne Robinson, but also Gagendeep Pejatta and Jason Frechette. On the day of shooting Garcia, Abbott, Ritchie, and Jordan also assisted.

I’m a Regional Coordinator who is starting a new career and who also is a single father most of the time. I needed help. I called my DC Ian Kennard and said I needed help.  It was “no problem” from then on. 

Kennard formed a team lead by Alex Garcia and including the names above (and Brent Nacu) that owned every aspect of this memorable night.  I provided the men with a budget from the car insurance as my dad died due to a car accident and those men took care of everything else.  I did nothing for this night except prepare the recorded Eulogy. I trusted, and as MDI men do, they delivered.  

I really don’t know how the rest of the men out there cope with life when something like this happens. My guess is very poorly. I have 100 men taking care of me and my family.  Think about that next time you get nervous about talking to your friend, family member, neighbor, coworker or acquaintance about MDI. All men deserve a chance to have this life that my father loved and I love.

JB | Legacy to Music:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEepn2QcO2U

JB | Eulogy & Speeches:    

JB Channel | Guest Testimonials: 

3.2.   Russell Shatto, Southwest Region – August 4, 1954 – July 30, 2014

As told by sponsor and friend Willy Holt

Russell passed a few days before his 60th birthday. He was a member of San Diego Men’s Division for seven years.

MDI gave Russ men in his life. And something to live UP to! After a motorcycle accident in 1989, he led a pretty lonely life. 

I have known Russ since we were 15 years old when we were on the same Pop Warner football team. One of the things I admired about Russ was his perseverance. After his motorcycle accident, in witch he came away with brain damage, he went back to school. He graduated from SDSU with a degree in computers. He got a great job at the VA Hospital in La Jolla. We had been though many things together over the last 45 years. I will miss him; he was a great friend. 

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