Solution to Complacency 

From Tom McCarter of the Western Region

Guard against complacency, both personally and on your team. In order to get the full value of being on a team, be engaged in the success of the team. Take on a leadership role! Then take on another when that one completes. The best remedy against complacency is stepping up into leadership roles. 

You will usually be leading a team of 5-10 men, whatever your position is. Even as you take on a Divisional, Regional, or International leadership position, you are still leading a small team of men who are leading a small team of men who are leading a small team of men. The really interesting thing is to see if your leadership from the top is having any affect on the men further down the chain. If not, ask yourself what you need to do. 

If there are men on a men’s team who are not stepping up for leadership or stepping up in their lives, they can drag the team down. If a man shows up with the same problem over and over and does nothing about it, it creates a space for other men on the team to do the same. Don’t sell each other out. Men are on a team to support each other to be the men they have always wanted to be. You know what to do. Step up. 

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